The Vampire Curse: Royal Covens Books 1-3 HARDCOVER SIGNED Edition
The Vampire Curse: Royal Covens Books 1-3 HARDCOVER SIGNED Edition
The Vampire Curse: Royal Covens Books 1-3 HARDCOVER SIGNED Edition
The Vampire Curse: Royal Covens Books 1-3 HARDCOVER SIGNED Edition
The Vampire Curse: Royal Covens Books 1-3 HARDCOVER SIGNED Edition

The Vampire Curse: Royal Covens Books 1-3 HARDCOVER SIGNED Edition

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The Vampire Curse SIGNED Hardback Edition!

This includes a gorgeous JACKET and LAMINATE cover!

The Vampire Curse is a complete trilogy of three books.

Four sexy vampires. One feisty female. An ancient curse that'll test them all.
I might suck at casting spells, but activating a 1,000-year-old vampire curse is a pretty bad screw-up, even for me.

Now Im at the mercy of four stupidly-sexy vampires. With my initiation into the Royal Covens only three days away, I really dont have time for this shit.

My vampires pose as my warlock mentors and promise to teach me how to hide what I really am: a reincarnation of some ancient and powerful witch. They want to get into the Royal Covens and reinstate me to my "rightful place," whatever that means.

I think they're just telling me that to get in my pants.

What my vampires don't hide is their hunger for me, both for my blood and my body. That dangerous kind of thrill is going to get me into serious trouble.

The Vampire Curse is the complete series of Royal Covens Books 1-3 that can be read on its own, but is recommended to be read after Seven Sins. Each series in the Blood Stone Universe contains a completed character arc featuring a new heorine and her guys. This story is where the main character falls for four vampires, plus the new hotties introduced in books 2 and 3, and ends up with six guys. There are definitely steamy scenes, so if you don't like a little bite with your vampires you've been warned!

USA Today Bestselling Author J.R. Thorn

Recommended Reading Order for the Blood Stone Universe

All books are in the same world with each series following a new character and her men. All series can be read as standalone series, however there are overall plot events that occur in a consecutive timeline, so if you care about reading things in order follow this handy list for the Blood Stone Universe!

~ Seven Sins: The Blood Stone Series ~ (Hardback Edition is Available)
Book 1: Succubus Sins
Book 2: Siren Sins
Book 3: Vampire Sins

~ The Vampire Curse: Royal Covens ~ (Hardback Edition is Available)
Book 1: Captivated
Book 2: Compelled
Book 3: Consumed

~ Fortune Academy ~ (Books 1-3 Release Box is Available)
Book 1: Year One
Book 2: Year Two
Book 3: Year Three

Episode 1: Burn in Hell
Book 4: Fortune Academy Underworld
Episode 2: Burn in Rage
Book 5: Fortune Academy Underworld
Book 6: Fortune Academy Underworld
Book 7: Fortune Academy Underworld
Book 8: Fortune Academy Underworld
Book 9: Fortune Academy Underworld

~ Crescent Five ~
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3

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Captured by the Fae King (Audiobook)

Captured by the Fae King (Audiobook)

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Audiobook: Narrated by Kale Williams & Cassandra Myles
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What the Fae King wants.... He gets.


I’m used to getting anything I want.

Power. Fame. Women.

It’s all mine, but boredom has set in after 500 years as the Fae King and ruling mankind.

She’s the only thing that excites me.

She’s forbidden, but that won't stop me from making her mine.


I’ve trained all my life for this moment.

My ascension - to gain my wings and join the Celestial Royals.

Only, the Fae King had other plans. He ruined everything when he crashed the party and kidnapped me.

He thinks this is all a game. My life. My purity. My purpose.

I have to escape him or everyone I love will die. For if I don’t ascend, the world will fall into chaos, and sin will reign on earth.

Knowing the Fae King, that was his plan all along.

Captured by the Fae King is Book 1 in a slow burn Paranormal Romance Series. This book contains sexual situations, strong language, and violence.

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