Succubus Sins Books 1-3 Signed Book Set (J.R. Thorn)
Succubus Sins Books 1-3 Signed Book Set (J.R. Thorn)
Succubus Sins Books 1-3 Signed Book Set (J.R. Thorn)
Succubus Sins Books 1-3 Signed Book Set (J.R. Thorn)

Succubus Sins Books 1-3 Signed Book Set (J.R. Thorn)

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This is a signed set of three books in paperback format:

Succubus Sins (Book 1)
Siren Sins (Book 2)
Vampire Sins (Book 3)

Trim size: 5x8
Pages: Book 1 (304), Book 2 (278), Book 3 (314)
Color of pages: Cream

❤️First Series in the Blood Stone Universe

🖤Lost Girl if she didn’t have to choose

❤️ Why Choose  

🖤 Fated Mates
❤️ Fast Burn

What do a fallen angel, a vampire, and a sexy bodyguard have in common?

They’re the carriers of the seven deadly sins and its my job to conquer them.

I don’t take shit from anybody, and thats what has gotten me through life so far. My mothers dead. My brother struck a deal with the Incubus King that gets me in all sorts of trouble, and my dreams are plagued by a black fog of death thats determined to hunt me down.

Seems like destiny has finally caught up with me, and she’s a bitch.

If I want to survive whats coming next, Im going to have to face this darkness Ive been running from all my life. Hell isn’t a terror locked in my dreams. Its real, and Im going to need to find my mates to conquer it, starting with the sin of lustmy favorite.

Turns out being the long-lost Queen of Hell has its perks.

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Captured by the Fae King (Audiobook)

Captured by the Fae King (Audiobook)

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Audiobook: Narrated by Kale Williams & Cassandra Myles
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What the Fae King wants.... He gets.


I’m used to getting anything I want.

Power. Fame. Women.

It’s all mine, but boredom has set in after 500 years as the Fae King and ruling mankind.

She’s the only thing that excites me.

She’s forbidden, but that won't stop me from making her mine.


I’ve trained all my life for this moment.

My ascension - to gain my wings and join the Celestial Royals.

Only, the Fae King had other plans. He ruined everything when he crashed the party and kidnapped me.

He thinks this is all a game. My life. My purity. My purpose.

I have to escape him or everyone I love will die. For if I don’t ascend, the world will fall into chaos, and sin will reign on earth.

Knowing the Fae King, that was his plan all along.

Captured by the Fae King is Book 1 in a slow burn Paranormal Romance Series. This book contains sexual situations, strong language, and violence.

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